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One of the many advantages of joining a well established franchise like OzSpy is that you can draw upon many years of experience in the business and the industry. You get to learn from the very people who have already made the mistakes that a novice in the business is bound to make which can save you considerable time, money and distress. But it doesn't end there.


At OzSpy we are committed to five star franchisee support. This means that we strive to ensure that our franchisees are successful.

We see it as our number one priority to provide the support, encouragement and mentoring that you’ll need to assist you in developing and growing a profitable business.

Here's a sample of what you can expect from us:

Direct support

Don't worry about tickets, requests, ques, or anything else that delays support, at OzSpy you just pick up the phone and call us, and we will give you the support you need on the spot. This applies to admin, tech, marketing, and any other area of the business you need help with.

OzSpy circular support system

In any electronics business you will be faced with people buying gadgets or security systems and then not knowing how to use them, over the years OzSpy has become proactive in solving this and now has a circular support system where your clients can help themselves with DIY support. We achieve this with our online knowledge base where people can search for specific issues, our blog where people are educated in electronics, our YouTube channel where people can watch instructional videos, as well as our primary ticket system where your customers can lodge a ticket and get direct assistance from head office.





Full bookkeeping service

If you don't have the time, skills or simply don't want to spent your valuable profits doing bookkeeping, we have a team of online bookkeepers standing by to act as your virtual administration and accounting assistants for around 80% less that the equivalent experienced professionals you would normally have to hire yourself.

We provide our virtual assistants all the necessary training so you can simply contact them with an accounting request and its done for you. It's as simple as that.


Local Marketing Assist

Need help with marketing? Utilise our marketing assist service and we take all the hassle out of your local area marketing. Simply let us know what you want to do for the month and we will arrange everything.


New store opening promotion

When you first open your OzSpy franchise we will manage your new store promotion and our marketing people will work hand in hand with you to ensure you get the momentum and keep it.


High traffic retail and commercial websites

You will get immediate benefits from our well established and highly productive websites which will enable you to hit the ground running.


National marketing, P.R. and promotional activities

You will have experienced marketers at head office working with you or on your behalf to ensure you get known in your local area. However you will also have to do your bit to make sure your OzSpy franchise is as successful as it can be.


Professional cloud based quoting system

You will have access to advanced quoting systems and a range of templates and policies so you will be able to start generating income from the installation sector pretty much from day 1.


Comprehensive product and business training

Not only do you get initial comprehensive product, sales, marketing and business training, but you will also have access to this training for the life of your franchise.


Franchisee intranet

You get access to our sophisticated franchisee only intranet packed with systems, tools, information, tips and templates. Here you can get real time data on system wide product sales plus all the sales and business strategies you could ever want. You will also find a multitude of customised business tools and templates, professional marketing tools plus guidelines and instructions for every aspect of the business.


New product development and testing

Just because we are on the top of our industry we don't rest there. We are continually developing, testing and researching new products and new ways for you to make money. We know that your success is our success so we do everything in our power to get you there.


Hassle free warranty and technical support

You get new for old replacement for all our retail products as long as they are not obviously damaged or look like a truck has run over them. This gives you the confidence to replace your customers’ products without inconveniencing them with lengthy delays.


Business advice and performance feedback

We schedule regular one-on-one calls with you to discuss and provide feedback on specific areas of your business with you. We also listen to your thoughts and feedback about what is happening in your business and the marketplace. We will discuss various KPIs that we monitor and offer assistance and advice with any areas that may not be going right for you.. Our support team at head office is made up of people who are highly experienced in their field all of whom will be focused on helping you succeed.


Profits from all website product sales within your territory

Our websites send customers to your store and get your phones ringing. However they are also a virtual extension of your sales team. Every time someone within your territory buys anything from us online you receive the profits. We process the sale and send the goods without you needing to lift a finger.


A full range of fast moving quality products

We import hundreds of different surveillance products and spy gadgets as well as a popular range of DIY CCTV kits which make up much of our fast moving core retail range. Additionally, we have strong relationships with key suppliers such as Samsung, Bosch and most other big name brands in the industry to offer our customers quality, choice and a great range.


A national 1300 0 OZSPY (1300 069 779) customer hot-line.

 As soon as you open your doors, we turn on the tap with a well marketed 1300 number that will divert all your local calls directly to your store giving you access to instant customers.


With OzSpy you have 24/7 self serve support and a national support team ready to assist you to build a successful business.

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Our Vision

Our Mission To improve the safety and security of everyone we work with through the clever use of technology and open and honest collaboration.

Our Vision To become Australia’s household name for quality electronic security and surveillance technologies.


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Our stores are located across Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia

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