The OzSpy Intranet

Once you become a member of the OzSpy group you will immediately get access to our custom built intranet that holds a wealth of information to help you run a successful franchise business. You will find up to date training including sales training for yourself and your team and operational guides to ensure you are getting the most out of your OzSpy franchise plus many other features you will love.

OzCampus online training

Brush up on your sales, profit accelerators, or compliance issues at any time with our easy to use OzCampus online training system, or easily train your new team members.


Operations manual

We don't believe in operations manuals that could be used as an anchor or even worst a deadly weapon if dropped onto someone, at OzSpy our manuals are delivered digitally in small sections so you can search for the relevant information without having to do gym training before you lift it.


Best selling products

The intranet portal is connected with a live feed to our successful website so you can see the best selling products in real time. If you see a segment on a current affairs program you will be able to log in and see the interest in those products as it happens. This gives you a degree of business intelligence that is rarely available to many businesses whether they are a franchise or not.


Product bank

At any time you can log in and check for new products and when you see one just click and print and you will have your point of sale display done and ready for when the new product arrives. You will also be able to check pricing, download PDF products sheets and watch product related training videos right from your PC. The OzSpy intranet is focused on real time information and support material so you don't have to wait for a thing.


Postcode checker

Wondering if a job is in another franchisees territory, just jump into the intranet and input the clients postcode to see if the client should be handled by another store, this can be done whilst on the phone to the client so you get the answer instantly.


Business calculators

Wondering what affects discounting can have or need to demonstrate to a team member why not to discount? What about running some numbers to see what area of your business will offer the best return if you focus on it? The business tools section has interactive calculations that will show you exactly what affects proposed changes to your business will have.

Home Security system builder

Use our unique state of the art home security system builder to accurately quote any home in just a few minutes. Our quoting software is so easy to use, a nine year old child could quote any home accurately in five minutes. This system has integration with Google maps and asks you/the client a number of multiple choice questions and presto, you have a fully itemised quote with images of the clients home and everything that would normally take several hours.


Commercial quoting system

You will find commercial quoting templates and even quoting simulators which will get you up to speed fast in the area of commercial electronic security equipment. This will give your business the edge by keeping you ahead of the competition.

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Our Vision

Our Mission To improve the safety and security of everyone we work with through the clever use of technology and open and honest collaboration.

Our Vision To become Australia’s household name for quality electronic security and surveillance technologies.


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Our Locations


Our stores are located across Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia

Head Office is located in South Brisbane, Queensland.