Our training is second to none, by the time you open your OzSpy store, you will have completed a MYOB cloud based training program, our in-house online training, spent time in our stores and we will be with you for the first week that you open.


Online MYOB course

A key area in every business is keeping your books in order and complying with tax obligations and this is one of the greatest challenges facing new business owners, so to make sure you don’t get lost in the maze of accounting we provide you a registered 3rd party online course that brings you up to the approximate standard of a bookkeeper. This is normally done whilst the fit out and licensing are being put into place and is done in the comfort of your own home. You also have access to our head office accounts manager that will assist you in any areas you don’t quite understand.

Two-three weeks at head office

Quoting, sales and a little bit of stock management is mostly covered during the time spent in our corporate store with our gun operators. During this stage you will meet our head office team and get to see how easy quoting security systems is once you know our simple formulas developed over the last 20 years, but be prepared as this can be a hectic two weeks as you will be with our top performers and they are constantly pumping out quotes and managing projects. You will also get to see our quote building software in use where you can pump out a quote for any home in under 5 mins and be 100% assured of accuracy and not forgetting anything.

For mobile franchisees the training at head office is three weeks as we will give you additional onsite training so you are a master of the trade before you even make your first sale, for retail stores it is two weeks at head office and one week at your store.

OzSpy intranet courses

See below image showing our online training system built right into our intranet site that you can do as many times as you want, these areas cover everything from marketing to stock management and even has our in depth section on selling installed security systems. Learn everything from managing your top five profit accelerators to how to handle stress when things get too busy, with each course having PDF documents you can print or keep so you can stay on top of everything you need to run an amazing business.

Here is a list of courses available in our own OzCampus cloud training system.

Setting Up your Showroom
General Presentation
Interactive Displays
Creating your POS Displays
Setting Up Your Displays
Operating an OzSpy Business
Product Management
Approved Products Program
CORE Products
Stock Management
Territory Management
Marketing your OzSpy Store
Marketing Compliance
Marketing Planner
Online Reviews
Using the Quote Builder
The Simplified Recipe
Time and Stress management
The Parthenon Principle
The Top 5 Profit Accelerators
Increasing Customer Frequency
Increasing Average Customer Spend
Improving your Conversion Rate
Increasing your Leads
Increasing your Margins
Sales Training
Security System Sales
Overview of Sales people
Inbound Call for a Security System
In Store Security System Enquiry
On Site Security System sale
How to Follow Up
Service Related Ares
Bug Detection Overview

One Week at your Store

When you are ready to open, we will come down and spend a week with you as you first start making sales, we also have our accounts manager attend so you can brush up on your bookkeeping skills and make sure you are 100% ready to trade. This is a very important period as over the previous month or two you have been learning new skills and now have the one on one time you need to cement all of that knowledge and build the confidence you need to succeed. This only applies to store openings, mobile have the additional week at head office.

Private mentoring

During the first few months we will be contacting you every few days to check in and give you someone to bounce your ideas off and discuss how you can apply all the knowledge you have acquired, and be reminded of some areas that you may have forgotten. This mentoring is available as long as you need it, however we find that after a few months, the conversations become more about a casual chat every week or so, rather that the need for training.

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