OzSpy Franchising FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that people have about owning an OzSpy franchise. It is important to us that you ask us about, and understand every aspect of this opportunity, and we will do our best to ensure that this happens throughout the process of your enquiry.

As you go through the steps in evaluating an OzSpy franchise there will be many questions that pop into your mind so please make sure that you write them down each time so we can give you the answers when we speak.

What territories are available?

OzSpy has a total of approximately 130 territories across Australia and they are divided into category levels of A, B, C, & D, which are categorised by population and proximity to a capital city. Level A & B are premium metro territories and are suitable for both mobile and retail stores versions of the OzSpy franchise. Level C & D franchises are generally only available for mobile franchises.

What format are the franchises available in?

OzSpy franchises are available in a retail store or a mobile franchise. Our model is based on capital cities having some stores and mobiles franchises, whereas the country/regional stores are more suitable for a mobile franchise only.

How much will I need to invest to purchase an OzSpy franchise?

To open a metropolitan store in a level A territory you will require an investment of approximately $100,000 upfront, whereas a level D territory is available for mobile franchises starting from around $20k upfront, and everything in between. This includes the initial franchise fee, the shop fit out, all stock, and an opening promotional campaign and working capital. This price includes some in house finance.This means that no matter what level of investment you wish to make, we have a franchise opportunity that suits your budget.


How can I finance the purchase?

Many banks and other lending instructions will lend money for buying a franchise according to their specific lending criteria. They will require you to have sufficient equity in a home or other property and also that you invest some of your own funds into the purchase.


Does OzSpy supply the products I will sell?

OzSpy imports and warehouses many of their products from overseas manufacturers and also has buying arrangements in place with a number of local suppliers where you can buy products cheaper than your competitors.


Where will I locate my OzSpy store?

We will assist you in finding the right type of location and store and we provide information covering this important step as soon as you register an interest with us.


Are any ongoing fees payable to OzSpy?

A royalty fee and marketing fee are payable to OzSpy each month calculated as a percentage of your gross sales.


What do I get for the monthly royalty fees payable to OzSpy?

You get the right to trade under the OzSpy name in a protected territory.

You get all the support you ever need from team members that have a life's experience in business and security.

You get access to our state of the art business management system which can punch out professionally written quotes worth tens of thousands of dollars in just a few minutes with a proven conversion rate.

You get use of our marketing assist program with access to our certified experienced marketing manager so your marketing needs are covered.

You get initial and ongoing sales and product training.

You get a solid business foundation ready for you to launch from.


What happens with the monthly advertising levy that I pay?

This levy funds the branding and group marketing programs arranged by the national office. The types of promotions that these funds would be directed to would include mass media, electronic newsletters, P.R. activities, national magazine articles and ads, sponsorships, the national 1300 phone system and other brand awareness activities. The OzSpy retail and commercial websites are also maintained by the marketing fund.


Do I have to invest a set amount into local advertising?

It is essential that you promote your business locally to gain maximum exposure and attract interest. For this reason we recommend that 5% of your gross income should be reinvested into local area marketing. However the amount that you spend is not what is important. It is being committed to actively marketing the business locally and getting results from it that matters.

This commitment also means that you include a personal approach to promotion as well which includes activities like networking and visiting local businesses. We will provide you with training and guidance for your marketing and are here to assist you any way we can.


Can I employ someone else to run the business for me?

Yes you can, however our experience shows that the owner should be on site for 50% or greater to achieve results.

Franchising history and our own experience has shown that franchisee run outlets achieve significantly better results than those where the franchisees are not hands-on and leaves the running of the business to a full time manager and staff.


Do I need to be a technology guru?

No, and you won't need to become one either. If you have a basic interest in electronics or technology you will easily pick up what you need to learn about most of our products. Refresher training is provided to ensure that you always have complete confidence in your ability to quote and sell our commercial range for any size project.


How do I qualify to be an OzSpy franchisee?

We do not have a qualification process as such. Recruiting the right franchisees is highly important to us so we have an evaluation process instead. Firstly, franchisee candidates evaluate our franchise system, and then move on to make an application to be considered as a suitable franchisee. From there we evaluate their suitability before we make an approval decision.

The process is quite simple and is based more on personality traits rather than solid experience. There are a number of steps along the way including meetings, discussions and visits with existing franchisees, due diligence processes, obtaining legal and financial advice, and financing considerations and more. However the first step is as simple as completing the short form on the bottom of this page.


How soon can I get started?

Once your application has been accepted you can be open for business in as little as 60 days. The amount of time involved in legalities, finding suitable premises, obtaining finance and moving on from your current employment or business varies in each instance and will be the determining factor.

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