Our Franchising History

OzSpy Security Solutions has been operating since 1998. On this page is a simple time-line outlining the major developments in our system and when they occurred.

We hope you find this bit of nostalgia interesting. We certainly enjoyed reminiscing whilst compiling it. 


1998 - OzSpy Surveillance Equipment was created

In 1998 the founding directors identified a market void for surveillance equipment that was available to the Australian general public. After considerable research and forecasting they came up with a viable business model.

From there they leased a store in Tingalpa, a suburb of Brisbane and the OzSpy story began.


1999 - the ozspy.com.au domain was created

In the later months of 1999 after market research confirmed that the Internet was a growth medium the decision was made to utilise the Internet to market OzSpy to a far greater public audience. At this time there were no other publicly available surveillance equipment suppliers in Australia.


2000 - OzSpy moves the Tingalpa store

As we were now unable to meet the growing demand from the small shop at the rear of the shopping center we moved the store to the front of the same center. This tripled our floor area and gave us the prime position we still have today.


2001 - OzSpy updates the logo and shop front

After trading for nearly four years we decided to upgrade our store front and logo. This was in response to observations that OzSpy looked more like a fish and chip store. We opted for a bull's eye style logo and the blue and green similar to what we still use today.


2003 - OzSpy became a franchise system

In 2003 we were approached by a franchising company about implementing a franchise model for expansion. As this was our long term goal we promptly engaged the company and began our journey into franchising.


2004 - OzSpy sold the first franchise

We sold our first franchise to Jason on Queensland’s Sunshine-coast. Jason still operates his franchise today.


2004 - OzSpy created the corporate logo to complement the franchise system

As we had progressed along the franchising path a corporate image was needed. We commissioned a marketing company that specialised in developing corporate images to develop the OzSpy logo. That logo is still in use today.


2005 - OzSpy commissioned a purpose built warehouse to provide support to our franchisees

At this stage we had several franchise stores spreading south from the Sunshine Coast, through Brisbane and a Gold Coast store as well. It was time to relocate our head office that had been operating from the Tingalpa store. We set up a purpose built warehouse/administration block in Stapylton Queensland where it still operates today.

No longer needed was the secure stock cage built of steel in the rear of the Tingalpa store which was used to service our franchisees stock needs. Although still in place today it is rarely used.


2008 - OzSpy re-brands from surveillance equipment to security solutions

Serious discussion and market research preempted the decision to change our corporate name form OzSpy Surveillance Equipment to OzSpy Security Solutions with the slogan POWER TO PROTECT


2009 - OzSpy releases new corporate fitout to improve franchisees image

It was time for a face-lift so we commissioned a shop designer to create the ultimate fit out.


2009 - OzSpy releases new corporate image to further improve franchisees image

Following the great interior face lift it was time to change the exterior look of our stores. We commissioned a graphic design company to revamp the exterior, some of which is still in use today.


2011 - OzSpy starts the repositioning from spy shop to commercial CCTV

After identifying an opportunity and yet more market research we made the decision to reposition to a commercial electronic security provider. This process is still evolving and possibly will never change.


2011 - OzSpy begins the phase out of POWER TO PROTECT slogan

Due to a lack of traction with the POWER TO PROTECT slogan it was time to start phasing it out. Our logo and branding was now simply OzSpy Security Solutions.


2012 - OzSpy tweaks the model to capitalise on the commercial sector

After nine years it was time to have a good look into the franchising model to see how it might be improved. We found that we needed to place more emphasis on promoting and selling more of the larger commercial CCTV brands.

The other change needed was to increase the minimum staffing requirement from one to two people in store.

These changes were implemented in our corporate stores and also by some franchisees who were ready for the transformation. In the stores that adopted this new model, monthly  turnover increases of up to 300% have resulted.


2012 - OzSpy launches an Eco friendly modular fit out

The economy was still contracted after the GFC and a lot of attention was being focused on Eco friendly businesses. We wanted to reduce the cost intensive labour aspect of our fit-out and decided to explore more environmentally friendly options. We commissioned a 3D designer and conducted field trips in the quest to find a great fit out.

After several months back and forward between head office, the 3D design company and flat pack manufacturers we finally had it right.

The first flat pack fitout was trialled in Jan 2013 in Rockingham south of Perth.

See fitout page


2015 - OzSpy combines HO into a corporate store

With the success of local brand name wholesale suppliers carrying many of the products we need not import anymore and the general feeling that the HO team would benefit by being exposed daily to the retail side, we did the move and joined the HO team with the Slacks Creek store and things haven't looked back.


2015 - OzSpy moves back to MYOB

After several years of using our custom built Erp system and with the rise of cyber threats, we acknowledged a security risk using our own software and moved back to a group deal with MYOB giving our stores lower cost access and easy accounting support through the MYOB system.


2015 - OzSpy introduces our own brand cameras and DVRs

As the economy was still contracted, we reinvested into our own branded "retro CNS CCTV range" with simple interfaces combined with latest technology to provide our stores with higher margin products, with an amazing <1% warranty rate, allowing our stores to remain competitive whilst maintaining margins.


2016 - OzSpy introduces our custom built home quoting software

We continued our push into the home security market, it soon became evident that being able to quote fast and accurately was of great value to our stores. We then custom built our own quoting system that integrates into Google maps and satellite and takes approximately three minutes to push out an accurate quote up to 16 cameras on virtually any style of house.


2017 - OzSpy rationalises supply chain to build buying power

Removing remnants of local supplier relationships and rationalising our supply chain to a few chosen suppliers increased our buying power for each supplier giving stores access to cheaper local brands and higher level local support. We expect this strategy to further improve locally sourced products and continue to improve our local buying power as the system grows.


2017 - OzSpy initiates a franchise product advisory council

Understanding that our stores are at the face of the sales process, we invited a representative franchisee from each state to be part of a product advisory council, allowing our franchisees an equal say in the style and features of our imported CCTV range.


2017 - OzSpy launches new mission, vision and values

With the ever changing business environment and customer expectations, OzSpy launched our new mission statement, vision statement and company values to guide us through the coming years.

Our Mission is to improve the safety and security of everyone we work with through the clever use of technology and open and honest collaboration.

Our Vision is to become Australia’s household name for quality electronic security and surveillance technologies.

Our values
Customer Commitment
Quality of service and products
Integrity in all areas
Teamwork together we make something special
Empathy every one's story matters
Tenacity we never give up
Personal Accountability
Stay Relevant and change with technology


2018 - OzSpy launches our new mobile franchise opportunity

With the growing pressure on retail stores and our focus on security camera installations OzSpy now offers a two tiered opportunity, so you can either have an OzSpy store and capitalise on the sale of spy gear and security systems, or a mobile OzSpy where your focus will be more on security installations. Both models sell both ranges, however the mobile operation is a work from home/mobile vs the bricks and mortar alternative where you have your very own showroom.

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Our Vision

Our Mission To improve the safety and security of everyone we work with through the clever use of technology and open and honest collaboration.

Our Vision To become Australia’s household name for quality electronic security and surveillance technologies.


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