The OzSpy Business Model

Mobile or bricks and mortar

At OzSpy you can choose a mobile operation with a lower initial investment focusing on CCTV installations or our traditional bricks and mortar approach outlined below.

The mobile franchise model

Simplicity at it's finest is a great way to describe the OzSpy mobile business model, with outstanding GP% and extremely low, almost non existent expenses your turnover can be so low it is scary, and yet the model delivers profits.

Operating from your own home office, we handle all your marketing, generate leads for you, provide you with our very own range of products and access to the big names at great prices and give you access to our advanced quoting software to make quoting child's play.

You also have the choice of handling your own installations rather than paying sub-contractors further increasing your take home profits, making this model exceptional for anyone wanting a small operation that delivers real world profits.

The bricks and mortar model

The OzSpy franchise business model is unique. Our stores carry an ever popular range of spy devices, DIY alarm and security camera systems for home and business, commercial CCTV and access control systems, night vision, GPS vehicle trackers and more.

Only at an OzSpy store can customers view, compare and assess all of this under the one roof plus receive professional in-store advice from fully licensed security professionals.

Our business model enables franchisees to build a thriving business on two fronts targeting the retail and commercial sectors consecutively.


How do you generate your income?

With a small amount of marketing which we manage for you our system will deliver leads straight to your inbox so you don't need to worry, however like everything in OzSpy it is a team effort so when things get unusually quiet, you will have to roll your sleeves up and push the marketing a little harder to keep those leads rolling in.


Lifestyle and an OzSpy franchise

OzSpy stores trade either 5 or 5 ½ days depending on your area. Many other retail businesses today require you to trade extended hours and up to seven days a week. And often you have to also cope with high rent, high wages and plenty of competition.

OzSpy mobile franchises generally work between 3 - 5 ½ days per week including a day or so at home keeping your accounting records up to date, which makes the OzSpy mobile business great for new and old families.


Manning your OzSpy franchised business

Our stores can be run effectively by two people in-store during busy periods and one person in store at other times, although some of our stores historically have been profitably operated for years with a single operator.

This means that one person can focus primarily on shop sales while the other can dedicate sufficient time and energy to building the commercial arm of the operation.



The OzSpy business model delivers maximum profitability and a great return on investment for our franchisees. Our purchase arrangements with local and overseas suppliers gives you group buying power so you can offer customers great value on quality products while keeping your profit margins intact.


Who we are looking for

OzSpy franchisees commonly have differing backgrounds and career experiences. You don't need to be experienced in the security industry to be successful in this business, we are confident that we can turn almost anyone into a security professional, all it takes is to be motivated and of course you need to be a team player so you fit into our family culture.

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Our Vision

Our Mission To improve the safety and security of everyone we work with through the clever use of technology and open and honest collaboration.

Our Vision To become Australia’s household name for quality electronic security and surveillance technologies.


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Our stores are located across Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia

Head Office is located in South Brisbane, Queensland.