Where to From Here

Now you have a basic understanding of the OzSpy franchise, and if you are ready to explore the opportunity further, so are we. 

The journey towards owning an OzSpy franchise has a number of steps that you will take along the way. Here’s a summary of how things progress from here.


Register for members area login to see our pricing structure

Use the find out more button on the top menu to register your interest in finding out more. You will then receive an automated email that will confirm the contact and provide you with you level 1 members area login details where you will find out that for the cost of a small car you can start your OzSpy journey.


Explore the members’ area

Our members area has two levels, the first is registered where you get immediate access to this area. In the registered area you will learn about our pricing structure, who we are after and who we are. The next level is Candidate and this level is not automated, you will need us to grant you access to this area where you will learn about our margins and more about our financial model.


Start the “Getting to Know You” process

The next stage is the getting to know you process which involves an informal phone call and discussions to help us understand your situation a little better. This way we can all get a better idea of whether or not this opportunity might be a good fit.

So if you wish to explore the franchise business further we will ask you to complete a candidate background information form online.


Explore the business and financial model

Over the course of your discussions with us, and as you progress through the members’ area you will learn the finer details of our business model. We will involve you in research and other activities to help you to better understand the marketplace, competition, financial potential and more.  We want you to be educated about every aspect of our business so you can make a fully informed decision when the time comes. And we want to you know for sure if the business is right for you.


Join us for a stores visit and head office approval interview

We will take you on a day trip where you will get to visit some stores, chat to franchisees and managers and spend some time at head office.


Seek expert independent advice

You are required by law to seek advice and this is a firm requirement of OzSpy. We want you to understand everything to do with our system and the model you will be operating within.


Start looking at available properties for lease

We will work with you and provide a simple formula on what sort of premises you need and will assist you wherever required to find a suitable premises in your preferred location.


Arrange your finances

You will need to confirm your financial position and that you are ready to take on a franchise business. If you are seeking finance from the banks we will assist you with templates and other information to make it easier for you to communicate with them.


Sign the legal documents

Now it's time to sign the legal documents which will secure your franchise and allow us to take the next steps.


Begin training

You will begin your online training at this point and prepare your premises for the fitout and infrastructure components.

Soon you will be off to Brisbane for two weeks training at head office and our corporate store. Additionally you will receive supplier training and expert sales training.


Set up your store

Your OzSpy environmental modular fit out is sent to you and the process of setting up your showroom and merchandising commences.

We will be there to help you with merchandising. In fact it's an OzSpy tradition that one of the directors will be with you prior to, and when you open. They will spend a week there with you and assist you that opening your new business goes smoothly.


Start making money

As soon as you are ready to open the doors your new business goes live on our websites, your phone starts to ring and people start coming into your store. Often eager locals are on your doorstop wanting to buy days before you actually open. 

From there we start to ramp up your opening promotion campaign to really get your cash register humming.

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Our Vision

Our Mission To improve the safety and security of everyone we work with through the clever use of technology and open and honest collaboration.

Our Vision To become Australia’s household name for quality electronic security and surveillance technologies.


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Our Locations


Our stores are located across Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia

Head Office is located in South Brisbane, Queensland.