DIY Security Sector

Many people describe Australia's attitude toward DIY as a love affair. This applies to home decor and other renovations and also extends to home and to a lesser extent business security.

DIY security can save people a lot of money and give them a good result providing they purchase a quality system to start with.



Although OzSpy can offer budget DIY options like Swann and others, our main focus is on a pick and pack style of kit that utilises a commercial grade DVR at the core of the system. This has enabled us to provide a better quality system and reduces the support requirements across the group. Our policy is to ensure all electronic security products can be relied upon when needed and we have positioned ourselves as a quality supplier in all electronic security applications, including DIY.


DIY alarm systems

While we sell lots of DIY alarm systems we also find that once in store the majority of customers elect to get a quality brand name alarm (such as Bosch for example) installed by a professional. This gives our franchisees a golden opportunity to offer a monitoring package for the client and receive ongoing revenue for the job. Better still all monitoring revenue is royalty free providing you years of residual income that is not captured by our royalty system.


It's about education

We want our clients to be proud of their system and part of that is being confident that it will more than adequately do the job when needed. It’s all about educating clients on the value they get and the lifetime support that’s included when they buy a system from us.


The future

The future for DIY security shines bright because as technology becomes cheaper these systems become less expensive and easier to setup and use. We will continue to cultivate this market and position ourselves as the leading provider of quality, affordable and reliable DIY security systems.


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Our Vision

Our Mission To improve the safety and security of everyone we work with through the clever use of technology and open and honest collaboration.

Our Vision To become Australia’s household name for quality electronic security and surveillance technologies.


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