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How this drives profits to your franchise

Over the past 20 years there has been a massive swing towards online retailing and many people conduct their research online before they purchase. OzSpy were one of the first to recognise the online shopping potential as early as 1999 and led the way from there with online retailing technology on our website


This has established the OzSpy web presence and assisted us in dominating the search engines, but it doesn't stop there. Every year we update all of our sites with a complete revamp to keep up with the current web technologies and employ experts to ensure we stay that way.

Following are some of the ways that the online strategies employed by OzSpy to keep us ahead of the game transform into profits for our franchisees.


High traffic site

Our use of clever web marketing tactics and targeted online campaigns means that we are commonly listed at least twice on the first page for every search term that we feel is relevant to our business. This drives large numbers of inquiries to our stores and also doubles as a branding tool with approx 5 million people seeing the OzSpy brand every year in Australia alone.


Sharing the profits

In some franchise systems the company website actually competes with its own franchisees. At OzSpy all online sales are processed by head office but we give the profits back to our franchisees from each sale in their territory. This means when you become an OzSpy franchisee you can freely promote the website in your territory with the confidence that you will receive all of the income you deserve.


Product trials

Getting the product mix and stock balance right for our stores isn't left to chance. Before we recommend to our franchisees to stock an item we run market trials on our website to test saleability. This helps to ensure you won’t be weighed down with stock that doesn't sell.


Real-time feedback

When you log into the customised intranet you will have access to real time data from our website showing you what sells and what doesn't. This system has no human intervention and feeds directly of our website so you can see the sales trends for each of the products we sell.


Professional image

We keep our sites constantly updated to the latest technology and trends for online stores. This means you don't need to worry about your online image. We take care of all of that for you leaving you to focus on growing your OzSpy franchise and making profits.


Store locator

No matter what state, city or territory you are located in the contact details of your business will always be accessible from our online store. We never block or hide any contact details on our website from any contact searches.


1300 and direct numbers

Even though we publish our 1300 number on every webpage we also publish your direct numbers on the contacts page. You see it's our promise to our customers that they will always be able to call us and we will always answer the phone and assist them.



We understand that people expect perfection and reliability, not to mention great service and a fast response. So we run our websites on super fast, dedicated servers which rarely ever go down. You see at OzSpy we care for our customers and we strive to be the very best we can for them.

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Our Vision

Our Mission To improve the safety and security of everyone we work with through the clever use of technology and open and honest collaboration.

Our Vision To become Australia’s household name for quality electronic security and surveillance technologies.


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