The Electronic Security Sector

Are you ready to capitalise on this booming industry?

It's no secret that the electronic security sector is a dominating economic force in the Australian financial landscape and if the UK and USA are anything to go by this isn't about to change any time soon.

With OzSpy you will be perfectly positioned to take advantage of this with the backing of a solid infrastructure, a trusted brand and a wealth of experience.


There are over 2.2 million businesses in Australia

As more and more businesses choose to install electronic security to combat rising crime the security industry continues to boom. An average size business spends several thousand dollars on a security system and a large business can spend tens of thousands on a quality system. With the life span for each system estimated to be around five years, an OzSpy franchise delivers you a substantial market to build a business that will thrive now and in the foreseeable future.


There are more than 9 million private dwellings in Australia

Insurance companies now offer discounts for dwellings with alarm systems. Law enforcement agencies are beginning to shift the onus of collecting evidence of burglary, theft and vandalism to the home or business occupant. This is leading to a sharp rise in demand for household security. We have identified the home security market as an area of significant growth. Even though this market is in its infancy we are witnessing a sharp increase in the number of systems we are entrusted to install into domestic dwellings.


There are 24 million Australians who rely on security

Although Australia is small in population by comparison with other countries, we still have over 21 million people, all of whom view safety and security as a fundamental requirement for happiness. When you consider the statistics you can only come to one conclusion... electronic security is here to stay as it feeds a basic human need, to protect one's assets, one's loved ones and one's self.


The Global market for Electronic Security Systems is expected to reach $62.5 billion by 2018

A recent global industry report reveals this market is projected to reach US$62.5 billion by 2018. According to the report this will be primarily driven by “growing security concerns against the backdrop of increasing instances of terror strikes, campus violence, vandalism and resulting need for personal safety and security at public and private properties”


There were 2.5 million victims of personal and property crime in 2016

Crime is on everyone's mind these days and many communities are taking control of their streets with the latest in affordable security technology. OzSpy has a 20 year history of being trusted by people to help them with their security needs. Security is an area where people like to turn to a name they can trust, and being part of a well established franchise brand within the industry means that you will have their trust.


94% of businesses are affected by crime each year with 40% suffering multiple instances

It’s no secret that virtually every business suffers theft or other crimes, but what is less known is that a 2 to 3% loss in sales due to shoplifting can amount to a 25% loss in profit (Australian Institute of Criminology.) In many cases this can lead to a catastrophic failure of that business. The good news for businesses is that OzSpy can provide more than one solution to this problem. With the affordability, ease of access and availability of finance options for our clients, OzSpy can deter the activity without unwanted extra burden on cash flow and return the business to a profitable state.


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